Monday, February 07, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday, it was gorgeous, sunny, and warm enough for a trip to the park. More park pictures to come. But for now: let's just say that the weather changed.

When I left to fetch Iain from school, the cold rain I'd seen from my window was just beginning to change into snow. Then the wind started blowing. By the time I reached him, the thick, gloppy snow clumps clogged my windshield wipers and slipped under my boots. Great.

Thanks to his Dad, Iain had a rain jacket. It was perfect for repelling the nasty, blowing wind. But it couldn't keep the icy snow out of his eyes, and the wind could not be avoided. I finally had to pick him up and run for the Jeep. Once there, we found that the gusts made it nearly impossible to open the doors - ultimately Iain was yelling for me to get the car open while I slithered around trying to wedge myself into the door.

I plopped him into his carseat and we both sat there for a minute, soaked and chilled and a bit gobsmacked. Then my glasses fogged.

In the end, our trip down the hill wasn't so bad. Four-wheel drive helped.

Then the phone rang. Charles: the power's out. Me: Oh. Charles: you won't be able to get the garage open. Me: Oh.

Iain thought the whole thing was fun. He kept saying, "Turn on the lights!" At one point he even moved a chair against the wall so he could climb up and flick the switch. No dice, little dude. He ate supper by candle light, and learned the joy of running around in the dark with a headlamp on his (enormous!) noggin.

Just as Charles began to light a bowl of floating candles for a romantic dinner (boiled potstickers and miso soup) the electricity returned. Now we can resume our normal evening of watching videos, playing with our computers, and tickling Iain.

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