Thursday, February 17, 2011

Headlamp Madness

Last week a crazy windstorm knocked out our power for an hour or so. It was dinnertime, and just-got-home-from-school time, so we had to make do.

Iain was totally fascinated by the idea that we couldn't turn on the lights. He kept saying, "Hey! Turn on the lights!" and we'd say, "We can't" and he'd look at us as if to say, "Whaaa?"

I needed to cook dinner. We have a gas cooktop, so as long as we used a lighter, we could still make supper. Charles fetched a headlamp for me to use, and when Iain saw it: magic. He had to have one of his own.

Imagine the fun. He ran around watching the only light in the house flash in front of him. The idea of having a "torch" on his head was delightful, I guess.

And then the lights came back on. Game over. Boo.

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Miriam said...

that is an awesome photo of disappointment that the lights have come back on...