Saturday, February 12, 2011

French Toast! And Stats

On Wednesday, we made an enormous supper for our friends Kate and Molly. We served French toast (made with challah), scrambled eggs, roasted hashbrowns, a huge fruit plate (strawberries, grapes, kiwi and dates), and - of course - BACON. Mmmmm...bacon.

Anyway, the recipe came from Orangette. If you haven't already, you might check out her blog. It updates only occasionally, but always thoughtfully. And her book, A Homemade Life, is the source of this recipe. It was her father's.

In other news, Iain had his first checkup with the new pediatrician yesterday. At 2 years and 10 months, he's 34.8 lbs. and 39.5 inches high. Folk legend says that one's adult height is twice the height at 3 years old. So if Iain makes that next half inch, he'll be 40 inches at 3. That's 80 inches at maturity. Or...6'8" tall.

Time for some stunting, I think.

Recipe for Burg's French Toast (Burg was Molly Wizenberg's father, and he is lovingly described in her book).

3 large eggs
1 cup of whole milk (we used 2%)
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
A pinch of freshly-ground nutmeg

Canola oil

6-8 slices of day-old bread, cut on the diagonal, about 3/4 inch thick (We used challah and would certainly use brioche. She recommends French bread, too.)

Maple syrup or powdered sugar (Or both! If you're decadent like we are.)

Mix up the first 5 ingredients with a whisk. Pour into a flattish pan (I used my 9x13 Pyrex baking dish).

Heat a large skillet (we used our cast iron skillet and it was great) over medium high heat. Add enough oil to completely coat the bottom (as in: pour it and don't touch the pan. If there's enough oil for it to spread to the edge, that's enough. Do not tip the pan to make it reach - not enough). Heat until the oil is pretty hot - you test this by flicking a little of the milk mixture into the pan. If it sizzles, it's right.

Soak two or 3 slices (depending on your pan size and bread size - ours were modest sized slices) into the milk mixture. Soak 30 seconds to one minute, then flip and soak the other side the same. They'll feel heavy. And BTW, if your bread isn't very stale, you can slice and leave it out for an hour or two and it will get stale enough.

Lift the slices into the hot oil with tongs. Fry 1-2 minutes, or until golden brown (and they get sort of firm on the outside). Turn them over and fry another 1-2 minutes. Lift out and place on something where they can drain (I used my cake rack over a dish towel).

Once set up, this was fast, easy, and reallytrulydelicious. It was also my first time making French toast, so there was plenty of room for disaster. But no. Success on the first try.

Thanks, Orangette.


Grandmother said...

I've always heard that you double a girls height at age 2 and a boy's at age 2.5. It worked for all of my kids.

Fiona said...

That would be much, much better. More like 6'2", which is what Charles got when he entered Iain's stuff into a tracking program.

6'2" is still too tall for our basement, though.

Anonymous said...

And what a delicious feast it was too! Must have french bread for dinner again soon. Also, something cool, that blogger's name is Molly and her blog is Orangette you say? My name is Molly Orange. Woah. Though I know nothing of cooking, just eating.