Saturday, June 04, 2011


Last year, I began to work on the beds in our front yard. They contained four things on the left: a Japanese maple (in desperate need of some love), two small, shade-loving shrubs, three hostas, and an invasive ground cover.

I planted two shrubs (one died over the winter, but I've replaced it and now things seem back on track), some lemon thyme, some Japanese striped grass, and a row of little tiny mossy things. I forget what they're called. And over the winter I forgot that they make flowers! Flowers! Tiny, white and pink flowers that are so adorable I just want to squeeze them.

Check them out next to the pansies. Those pansies are practically climbing out of the ground.

Ain't it purty? A couple more years for the shrubs to grow and the tree to mature and I think we might have a pretty nice bed over there on the left.

The right is another story. Bleh. Needs work.

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