Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Spring Color

Our neighbor owns this little duplex on the corner. Above it tower a set of trees that bloom in late May. I love these trees. The one you see here produces huge sprays of white flowers - similar to a crepe myrtle, but much more appealing as a tree. But wait...

This tree is really the superstar. Just like its neighbors except pink. And I mean, PINK.

With flecks of yellow to pop your eyes to the center of each tiny flower, pink!

I'm not normally a pink enthusiast. I prefer yellow and purple in the garden. But these trees are a delight. Our neighbor's grandfather planted the pink specimens more than seventy years ago. Last winter, one lost a huge branch and the city decided to cut it down. It's quite a loss, from my point of view. But today I saw several just like it, perhaps ten years old, blooming along 13th South.

Unrelated: today we had to buy a new booster seat on the fly. When we got to camp this morning (Camp! Glorious camp!) Iain asked me, "What's this?" That's a plastic part from your carseat, son. It should not be in your hand.

So I bought a new booster, installed it, and used that on the pickup.
  • Me: "Iain, you have a new booster, see? Just like in Grandma's car."
  • Iain: "Thank you, it's lovely!"
In other news, Iain pooped in the potty tonight. Twice.

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Miriam said...

I think that the white flowering tree is a horse chestnut tree--love them. And the pink and yellow one-- that bloom is an azalea bloom and they do come in trees as well as bushes. So, I suspect that you have yourself an azalea tree!