Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garbeldy Garbeldy Garbeldy

What happens when you give Iain the camera.

Anna, It is kind of the innocence and wanted need to call and ask you if you want with those he'dabout yard selling someone I didn't see anything that on Saturday We're gonna try and get everythingset up. 30 around 7 and then and you know go from 8 until 12:30. Anyway, let us know. I hope yourmom took me a call. It sounds like you're gonna be by divert some good sleep. 4. Volunteeringanyway. Hope you're doing well. Talk to you Later. Bye Bye.

This is a voice mail received earlier today. Yep.

I love Google Voice because I can skim the voice mail for things like: hospital, emergency, call me, help, etc.

But the premise that one can actually understand the message? Not so much.


Miriam said...

OMG-- I have one from Vonage that was all about pizza. Turns out, it was Will's mother talking about plants and birthdays. The voice recognition software does not do accents....

Megan said...

Occasionally we'll get interesting Vonage voice mails from people in India. Sometimes it tries to phonetically convert the Hindi into English, with predictably comic results. Indeed, the voice recognition software doesn't do accents...or foreign languages.