Monday, June 13, 2011

Hippies! In the Park!

Recently, the most effective tool in our Battle of the Toddler arsenal has been...the threat of a haircut. Iain says he doesn't like the sound of the clippers. Whatever the reason, he will do (or not do) nearly anything to avoid a haircut.

So he looks like this. Check out those waves. I could make a great little mohawk out of that.

In other news, I drove down to Millcreek today to buy tomato cages. But you know how they are. I bought two tomato cages (and I love them because one is magenta and the other lemon yellow!), about ten small drought-tolerant ground covers (hens-n-chicks, plus a bunch of other stuff), and...

A big ol' Korean pear plus an espaliered Fuji apple tree.

Yes. I know. I only blogged yesterday about the sad demise of our bare-root trees. But here in the Snowy Mountains/Desert you have to act fast or you lose your window. So when the man at Millcreek said "yes, I have fruit trees" and I saw that lovely little apple tree...

They arrive Saturday. I already love them.

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