Saturday, June 18, 2011


Gotta put my gear in the back before we can take off, honey. But once I'm done: we ride!

It's been crazytown hereabouts. Yesterday I took Iain to camp, flew down the hill to drop off my computer and print out a Groupon, then back out to use that Groupon, then back to school to get my laptop, then up to Red Butte Gardens to hold our place in line, then back down the hill to pack up two boxes of berries (red and black grapes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) with a bottle of wine for...the Buddy Guy/Mavis Staples concert.

But. Then I got to sit and listen to Mavis Staples and Buddy Guy. All worth it. Except maybe for the painful sunburn on my forearms. Note to self: if you're sitting on the line, bring an umbrella and wear sunscreen. Srsly.

'Kay, let's fly.

Today we celebrated Charles' birthday. First, Iain and I presented him with two first editions (a Heinlein and a Ballard). Then we had a little potty training crisis. Two showers, one bath and a full-surface bleach wipedown of the bathroom later, we gave Iain a haircut. He was not pleased. After that it was lunch, errands and a visit to Grandma, then naptime.

And now we're watching Dora the Explorer, relaxing with ice water and teh interwebs. Tomorrow, Professor Culver returns for more fun and we begin to dig the holes for our two new fruit trees. Oh, and the high tomorrow is forecast to be 59 degrees F. Ha! Summer, indeed.

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