Sunday, June 03, 2012

Garden News

So I got tired of weeds. Also, I needed drip irrigation so that things would grow steadily. I think last year's Carrot Debacle was because of a dry period after germination. Poor little stunted carrots.

So we asked Joi Aoki (of Aoki Landscaping) to come out and solve the problem. She laid down landscape fabric, gravel, and drip irrigation for the blackberries, peonies, and raised beds.

I love it, and I think my neighbor really loves it. No more untidy weeds. I love that they reused our stepping stones (salvaged from my parents' yard).

More photos to come - my lettuce has totally taken over the blue bed since the irrigation went in. The tomotoes are growing, the strawberries bloom, etc. And my carrots are six inches tall. I think this might be a good year for carrots!

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