Saturday, June 23, 2012

Legoland: Paradise on Earth

Iain with Darth Vader.

Iain with R2D2.

Iain observing the battle on the ice planet, and (below) the toppling of an AT-AT.

We spent a substantial amount of time in the Star Wars section of Legoland. Just saying.

So we visited Legoland.

  • Iain rode a roller-coaster for the first time (he loved it). 
  • Iain took the boat tour of animals, famous towns and monuments made of Legos. 
  • Iain rode a pretend helicopter. 
  • Iain built a racing vehicle and raced it against other kids on a course where they time your car. He had some design issues. 
  • Iain rode a pirate ship, shot water at bystanders, and enduring a thorough soaking from total strangers.
  • Iain played in a three-story castle with rope "escalators" and tunnel slides 25 feet long.
  • Iain ate three bites of a chicken finger and pronounced "what's inside" to be "pretty good." 
  • Iain selected his long-promised Lego toy (the escape pod from Episode IV, with mini-figs of R2D2, C3PO, and a couple of storm troopers). 
  • Iain built three mini-figs of his own design (One had a clown face and blond curls. One had a green face and a red pony-tail. The last had a regular face and an Afro.). 
A success, I think. Mom and Dad were a bit underwhelmed, but we're kind of...old for Legoland. 

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