Monday, June 11, 2012

Posing with Stuff at the Zoo

The zoo is a zoo, man! A zoo! As in: thousands of people coming to see the new polar bear exhibit. And me, too, of course. But on a Sunday morning at 9am so as to avoid the crowds. Check me out on the polar bear sculpture. It's metal. Because if you're going to invite kids to crawl on something in the sun, you want it to be metal.

And here's me riding a seal. This one's stone. I'm practicing dressage. Note my perfection of form.

And here I am in a Bald Eagle nest. Or something. I was all, "where's the polar bears, Daaad?"

Do I need to mention my UK sweatshirt? It was a gift. It honors both my birthday and the 8 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. So, like, double duty.

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