Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mexican Chocolate Gelato


  • "Ice Age"
  • Swimming (Iain displayed zero swimming skills despite lessons at the JCC, lessons with Julia, and 3 days of camp with swimming each day. But we had fun.)
  • Lunch
  • "Cars*
  • Cedar Grove Park (He met a girl. Her name? Olivia! So, if you're keeping track, that's Big Olivia his babysitter, Little Olivia in his class, Medium Olivia his camp counselor, and now Very Little Olivia the girl at the park.)
  • Whole Foods. See above. After we picked out dinner (Italian sausage, green salad, pickled cucumbers, garlic bread (made by me, not the pre-made stuff. Ew.)) he stood transfixed at the gelato display. So we got him a little cup of Mexican Chocolate gelato. It contains red pepper, so it's quite spicy. He LOVED it. Of course, Whole Foods offers no moist toilettes, so checkout was, um...sticky. Also, I'm here to report that grapefruit sorbet is only ok. 
  • Swimming (This time Iain showed me that he can kick, dunk his head, blow bubbles, and splash. So he learned plenty in his many swim lessons. I think he was nervous in the morning.)
  • "Harry Potter"
  • Swimming with Dad
We're having a pretty good trip. Iain's having a great trip. He's sleeping in a King-sized waterbed, which he claims is "the best for kids!"

*Not a success. I thought he'd love it because Mrs. C's nephew, Brando, loved it. But no. Iain hated the whole thing. He really didn't understand the story line - "why did the people stop coming?" he wanted to know. Nothing I said about interstates and small towns made any sense to him. 

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