Friday, June 15, 2012

Pasadena Children's Museum

In case of earthquake, you'll need some stuff. Here, Iain checks out the safety goggles the Museum recommends.

Iain and Megan made bugs together. This part of the Museum is supposed to be a Bug Cafe. They have plastic plates with foods bugs eat. Examples? A bowl of "blood" for mosquitos and a plate of dung for beetles. Seriously. It's not what you'd call appetizing.

Last time we visited, Iain sat in the front of the Land Rover and played with the steering wheel.

Look how little he was!

This time, he liked the back, where you can use paintbrushes to play archaeologist.

But he was most excited about the water-activated drum set. Basically, you trigger the water stream and it hits the drums to make "music." The handles turn enough to allow a periodic soaking of other kids. 

It was the highlight of the visit. He loved it. He also loved climbing 25 feet into the air on the various layered climbing toys (leaves made into a huge tree, blue circles of glass that were supposed to approximate raindrops...etc.).

Last time Megan and I agreed that Iain was a little too young for Kidspace. This time, he was about perfect. Everything excited him. It was great. Lunch? Not so much. But the museum was a great success.

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