Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And today, the Met

I've never been to the Metropolitan Museum before.

I know. Family from New York, numerous trips to New York for pleasure and business, many opportunities to visit and even one moment when I walked into the lobby with Dr. Culver yet I never closed the deal.

So today, with the help of my students, I finally managed to visit the Met. The girls joined me (we had a long lunch) and we passed the boys on the way out. They recommended we visit the third/fourth floor of the American wing to see the colonial rooms. Apparently, my taller student bonked his head (more than once) on the ceiling. It's low.

I also managed to get a nice, fuzzy cell-phone shot of a Tiffany window. That was one of the more colorful, and larger items on display. Like the British Museum, the building basically holds a bizarre mixture of ancient Babylonian textile fragments, jewel-encrusted snuff boxes, masks from Cameroon, and shiny portraits of women wearing elaborate dresses.

I liked it.

There's a ladies room on the ground floor of the American Wing. I overheard one young woman saying to another, "Like, I hate it when my highlights get all, like, brassy." Indeed.

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