Sunday, May 01, 2011


Above, the herb plants in situ. This is the bed anchored by two blueberry bushes. They're still little sticks, though, so you can't really see them in the photo. All around them I planted: nasturtium, rosemary, curly parsley, cilantro, tarragon, lemon verbena, sage, Greek oregano (haven't tried it? Try it!), and two variegated lemon thyme plants. I love thyme.

Here's that Greek oregano. Regular Italian oregano is great, I agree. And for pizza or red sauce that's the thing. But Greek oregano has a special flavor you simply cannot get otherwise. And in a spice paste, on chicken, and with flatbreads (in other words: pizza ain't all Italian), it's amazing.

Oh, lemon verbena, how I love you. You grow so big, you smell so good, you flavor my ice cream so subtly. I adore you. Kees kees.

Lots of lettuce and pea sprouts, so far surviving a freak cold snap (29 degrees F!!). Fingers crossed that they continue to thrive. Our apple and pear trees are leafing out, too, so spring is ready to rumble.

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