Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York, Day 3(ish)

Today we visited the Tenement Museum. It's on Orchard Street, but here's a tip: when you cross Allen and get to Orchard: turn left. Not right. Right will result in walking an extra six blocks, desperately trying to call for directions (busy signal!) and hoping they don't cancel your reservation.

BUT, once you finally locate the correct place...the tour's great. Just as interesting as I remember from our half-day there in 2009. I think the students enjoyed themselves, but next time I'll know not to feed them an amazing lunch in Chinatown right before the tour. Zzzzzz....

[Wok-fried short ribs with sauteed garlic chips!!!]

Also, but earlier, we visited St. Pat's. Who could resist student demands to shop? Not me. But who wants to shop in mid-town? Not me.

Solution: the grownups basked in the cool, dark pleasures of the cathedral.

Tomorrow morning: Ellis Island. And after that, anything's possible. Maybe SoHo, maybe MoMA, maybe an outing where all four letters are capitalized.

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Bart said...

OMG, can I audit your class, please?