Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Progress

We ruminated on the question of a tree all winter. Should be bite the (financial) bullet and buy a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar? They grow so slowly, and require such careful training, that they cost the moon. Like, a lot.

But that was for 7 or 8 foot tall specimens. I realized, at some point, that our fence is 6 feet tall. So a spiny, skeletal tree 8 feet tall might look kinda...strange. Also, it's a small yard. One thing we admire about the WBAC is that it's a lot of drama in a relatively small volume.

So last week I just leapt. There was a smallish specimen available for a reasonable price and I had a Groupon. Who could resist such a combination?

Ain't she purty?

In other news, spring has brought her characteristic neon green to everything. The grass, shrubs, and trees are bursting with new growth, all of it practically glowing. Charles put together the umbrella last weekend and today Iain ate brekkie under it - two brekkies if we're being precise.

I've also begun to dig out the grass along the fence line. The idea is to plant the four foundation items (two fruit trees we planted last fall plus the WBAC and a clumping bamboo I have yet to buy), then plant a small number of attractive shrubs underneath and along the fence. Granite boulders to line the edge will help keep everything tidy.

Doing it all by hand, though: wow. Tough work. Thank goodness I have my trusty new wheelbarrow.

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