Thursday, May 19, 2011

Undies and MREs

Undie Watch: Day 3
  • Tomorrow will be Day 4 of wearing undies to school. It's all very exciting.
  • So far, no accidents at school. Charles correctly surmised that Iain is not so much potty training as refusing to potty at all while at school.
  • This presents a minor problem when, as happened Monday and Tuesday, he decides to potty in his pants the moment he arrives home.
  • BUT! I have hope. Today I made him go before we left school. He did (standing!), we departed, and at home things were fine.
  • So we have a long way to go, but every day without a diaper is a triumph.
Meanwhile, at school I fed my students MREs. Actually, "fed" is a misleading word. I demonstrated the MRE technology and they observed with limited tasting.

For example, they willingly sampled the Skittles and M&Ms, sniffed and gingerly sipped the apple cider, Chocolate Hazelnut Cocoa, and cappucino (yes, MREs come with cappucino). They ate beef jerky, granola bars, cookies, muffin tops, and power bars.

But they did not, would not, absolutely could not eat the main course. There's something about the hot entree in an MRE that smells like cat food. I don't know what it is, but the mystery ingredient makes everyone pull back like a skittish horse. Nostrils flaring, they say, "Uh, no." And who can blame them?

It was cool, though. They were fascinated by the heating element, the diversity of the packets, and the way MREs try to provide the familiar and the comforting (chicken noodle soup!) for people who need a taste of home.

So big thanks to my FIL, who made it possible. And in case the Army's paying attention: the BBQ ribs were revolting. Really, truly bad. But the meatballs were ok, and the vegetarian lasagna's just fine.

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