Friday, June 15, 2007

Sorry that I haven't written, by a moose I should be bitten. Whip me, beat me, make me pay... For ignoring you this way.

Urghhh. No posts yesterday for one reason and one reason only. Yesterday I had what MFK Fischer would call a "bilious attack."

It was a perfectly normal day (complete with a very interesting American history colloquium at the Rothermere on "Explaining the Civil War"), and not even raining. We had a nice walk in to the RAI (thought it was one of those English days which seem nice enough at first but then turn out to be 100% humidity. So a half hour walk in 65 degree weather has you sweating like a chicken in a KFC). Then I had a relatively productive day (could have been more productive, but for the Medievalist Meeting, who can make more noise drinking coffee and eating cookies than any other 40 people I know).

Then we walked back, through the park and up to our favorite little cluster of restaurants. After four days (perhaps 5, I can't count) of eating at home, it seemed like a good night for a meal out. (and while we're on the subject of eating in, how's this for economy: two steak pies from Marks & Spencer, sauteed bell peppers, and lovely pralines and cream ice cream for dessert. Price: 5 pounds 85 pence!!)

So we stopped at the pub on the corner of Iffley and Cowley roads. It's called something like Cape of Good Hope. Since it's on the corner, we can't read the entire name at one time, so we don't actually know what it's called. We call it "Penguin," because there are penguins inside. We think it's run by South Africans.

We like Penguins because it's a pub but it's actually friendly. And nice inside, and not smoky, and the food is good. Not only do you want to order it, you're happy when it comes. We had Sunday dinner there a couple of weeks ago, and my roast lamb with mint sauce, parsnips and potatoes, and yorkshire pudding was yummy. Charles had a pork chop with chips, and it looked excellent.

So this time we sat in back (note: in a friendly pub, you can walk to the back to find a seat without feeling as if you'll be knocked in the head with a bat at any moment).

Charles had fish-n-chips, and they happily substituted a salad for mushy peas (substitution is not common here). I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with salad. I was hungry, ok?

My burger was huge. Huge. And the bacon was yummy. The cheese? Well, I didn't know what kind it was, because it had a little artisanal name. But it turned out to be a blue cheese. Which I Hate. So I had to pick it off.

Otherwise, totally yummy. But Huge. Did I say that already?

Anyway, I think it was too huge, because by the time we got home I was not feeling 100% awesome. Within an hour, I was feeling really, really bad. MFK would say that my liver was in revolt, and I can tell you for sure that something was revolting.

So I spent the evening showing Charles how pathetic I can be, and eventually fell into a Dramamine-induced sleep.

Today? Right as rain.

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