Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The bread is fresh, made by yours truly. The picture is sideways. No idea why, but I think Blogger should think about therapy.

Iain loves to tell us what's "fresh" these days. You may recall that the day before yesterday he informed me that car tires can be both fresh and flat. Tonight, at the park, the rocks merited his seal of "fresh" approval.

As for me, I'm not-so-fresh. Our schedules are just nuts. Charles was away all weekend, and returned Monday night. Meanwhile, my calendar is filling like the steerage decks of the Titanic. Yesterday it was walk to work (departure time: 6:45am), teach all day, join Charles to fetch Iain from school, dinner with KP and friends, a Spike Lee lecture at the university, then home. Today was pretty normal, but tomorrow includes a full day of teaching, a soccer game at 4, then Back-to-School night from 6:30 until 9:30. Friday's fully booked and Saturday we're going to watch Kill Bill and munch popcorn with friends.


So when did I find a moment to make bread? Well...a girl's gotta eat. So I wrote down a random internet version of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and mixed up a batch. The recipe works like a charm, makes yummy bread to which you can add whatever you like (I added some olive oil and herbs de provence this time, for instance), and takes practically no talent for baking (I'm not really a bread-baking person).

As Iain likes to say, "Try it."

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