Monday, September 27, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine

He's Alive! In the shrubbery! Check it out.

In other news, we attended our first street party. Iain was unsure what we were doing there. The tables sat in the street, directly across from our house. So he kept saying, "Should we go home?" and I'd say, "Well, there's our home." Cue confusion in toddler. He also knows that when he's near cars, he should hold my hand. So at one point he looked at the street, at the tables, at me, and said "I have to hold your hand in the parking lot."

The only negative to the evening was that I forgot all about bringing a dish until 5:45. Technically, that's also the time I got home. The party started at 6. Oops.

But I had a huge box of strawberries, and fresh local peaches, and plenty of full-fat Greek yogurt. So I just piled the fruit up (well, I topped the berries, sliced the peaches and arranged everything attractively, if you must know) and mixed a batch of brown sugar yogurt sauce (ingredients: brown sugar. Yogurt. Mix the two. Eh voila!). I think it was a hit, because the fruit disappeared and when I went to get the sauce bowl I found a gaggle of kids scraping out the last bits. When a 9 year old demands the recipe - you're in good shape.

All in all - good times. Iain came home to a bath and his Thomas the Tank Engine jammies, followed by bed. I'll spend the rest of the evening reading an essay for school tomorrow. There's no rest for the forgetful.

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