Monday, September 13, 2010

Take My Picture, Mommy!

Iain knows what the camera can do. Sometimes, he likes to play with it, but he can't really figure out how to squint through the lens. Instead, he closes both eyes tight and waits for me to press the button.

Other times, like Saturday, he brings me the camera and demands: "Take picture of me!" So I do. But he refuses to stand still, or even to wiggle slowly. He practically vibrates. I have to resort to the flash, or chase him around, or try to talk him into being still for a second. Yeah. That works.

Maybe things will be easier when he's a little older. Or taller. Can he get any taller? Today I bought 7 pairs of trousers - size 4T. That's the largest toddler size, and he's only 2. Next stop: big boy clothes. This for a child who can't tie a shoelace, zip a zipper, or use a button yet. He just keeps eating, and growing, and eating and growing, and...

...Being cute. There's plenty of that. When I cut his hair Sunday, he resisted. And he's got me completely figured out. He kept saying, "Hold me!" and clutching me in a loving embrace. Could I resist? No. Could I cut his hair while I cuddled him? No. Sneaky little bugger.

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