Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm So Happy, So Happy, So Happy

"I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. She sings, "I'm so happy" in a way I can really relate to today.

Iain is asleep. In his bed. With the sun shining outside.

In other words: no more pack-n-play (I must go pack it up and put it away!! My office/the guest room will feel so much more spacious! Yay!). Yesterday and again today, I put him in his room at around 2, told him it was quiet time and asked what 2 things he needed to do.

He replied, "Stay in bed and be quiet." "Right!" He can play, and he did for about 10 minutes. Yesterday he slept from 2 until nearly 5. Today, he was asleep just after 2 and as of 3:10 all's quiet on the Diaper Front.

If we can get him to nap like this I will be the world's happiest mom. And I don't even need to sing about it.

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