Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nana

The other day, Iain demanded frozen blueberries for lunch. Fine. He's been on a weirdo kick with food, and most of the time I'm happy if he'll agree to something, anything that's got a vitamin in it. Even fruit doesn't always make the cut.

So I made him a little bowl of blueberries, and he ate/wore them all up. Once the bowl was empty, he set it down, reached for the apple sauce cup, and declared, "And now, for the apple sauce."

If you thought he was dirty before (covered in blueberry juice, stained on his cheeks, fingers, lower leg - ??), you should have seen him after the apple sauce. I believe an Emergency Bathing Procedure ensued.

So for Nana's birthday, here's photographic proof of cuteness. Blueberry-stained, demanding toddler cuteness.

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