Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I am so tie-tie.

Not so much because I'm teaching again - though it's as all-consuming as ever - but because we're in the last gasps of our spring and summer of chaos.

Iain had his first day of school today (he was "Happy" and "Playful" and spent much of the day pretending to cook on their child-sized kitchen equipment, which is also what he did during the orientation and during camp. If he grows up to be a chef Mommy will be SO HAPPY ZOMG.). But he has no school tomorrow or Friday.

So for Charles and me, we who have been juggling child care with work and play and the heat and our need to pack, move, unpack, travel, and learn a new city - this is the last half mile of a marathon.

We're about ready to drop.

Today, for example: I was awake at 5:30am, for some reason. Since the alarm is set for 6, there was no reason to try to go back to sleep. So I got up. Iain then fell out of bed, thumped his head, and needed cuddling. Then it was shower, dress, make coffee, make tea, make lunches for me and Iain, make brekkie, pack school supplies, take out the trash, and go to school (all this by 7am). From there, things got busy. And I'm leaving out all the stuff Charles did with Iain, with work, and with Iain while I was at school talking about witches.*

Can you blame us for being a bit draggy? We're old, y'all.

Anyway, this is it. Tomorrow, Friday, the weekend, and we're actually back on a schedule. Regular child care, regular work hours, and hopefully a life that's a tiny bit more predictable.

My fingers and toes are crossed. Twice.

*Salem! I love 1692.

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