Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday

In case you're wondering, no. Iain is not wearing black while sitting on a black sofa contemplating the virtues of evil. He's wearing navy. But for the record - they don't make enough black clothing for kids.

The fish face is popular around here this week.

We divided the weekend between madness (yesterday) and utter calm (today). After the SHOPPINGSHOPPINGSHOPPINGCLEANTHEHOUSEPREPTHEPIZZACOOKCOOKCOOKMOVIE! craziness, we needed to take a deep breath.

So today we read books, ate a quiet lunch (mmmm...leftover pizza), took Iain for a playdate with his friends, and generally watched the sun move across the sky. It was good.

This is what a lazy Sunday produced in the living room, though. We need a containment shield around this kid. Also: let's count those vehicles. You got your car carrier, your dump truck, your crane, your firetruck, and countless smaller items (tractor, train, car, bulldozer...). We are an internally-combusted household.

During bath time, Iain held up his plastic dump truck for his father's inspection and said, "That's a goood lookin' truck!"

1 comment:

Heather said...

So....what are Iain's favorite toys to play with?

(Other than cute words and kissable cheeks, I do NOT miss the toddler years.)