Sunday, January 09, 2011


This morning I informed Iain that we needed to go shopping.

"We need to go to the TOY STORE!" he told me.
"Oh? What will you get at the toy store?"
" of each!"

Oh, rlly?

I must have looked skeptical, because then he offered a less ambitious plan. "I'd like seven!" Seven toys? Yes.

Iain is sad to report that we did not go to the toy store. Nor did he get a toy or a balloon at the grocery. The day was a total bust, from a toddler point of view.

But for was great!
  • There were 2 fresh inches of snow on the ground (overnight snow! so magical!), the sun shone brightly,
  • I ran 3 loads of laundry
  • we stocked up on groceries
  • Then I got fresh local eggs at Caputo's
  • then I went out to seek socks (for Iain) and jeans (for me) without success (in either)
  • then I spent the rest of my gift card on a pair of adorable cap-toed flats
  • then I went to yet another grocery store for meat and unsalted roasted peanuts (for stir-frying) and coffee yogurt
  • then I talked at length to my dad
  • made pizza for supper
  • prepped lettuce for my lunch
  • made onigiri (2 flavors: pickle filled and Za'atar. Yes, za'atar. The food of the Middle East is full of delicious rice dishes, so I figured it was worth a try. I'll need to drop in at the Asian market for nori for next time)
  • And baked brownies (orange dark chocolate with dark chocolate chips) for a student's birthday tomorrow
Now Iain and I are watching The Book of Kells for the umpteenth time. In a minute, though, I need to grade a few essays. And tomorrow? Back to the classroom for lectures on homesteading, readings from Theodore Roosevelt and Owen Wister, and maybe another afternoon of skiing.

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