Monday, January 03, 2011

Wow - Thatsa Lotta...

Iain received three "big" gifts for the holidays. From his grandparents, he received a double dose of swimming lessons. He loves those, and they help pass the time on days when he doesn't nap (which is getting to be really common). Miss Jessica comes to pick him up from class after lunch, he swims for a while, then comes back to class for the afternoon.

He also received four huge boxes. They weighed about 40 lbs each, we estimate. Inside an incredible collection of blocks. Above, Iain opening the baggie of decorations and little pawns. They serve as "people" when you build a castle.

Below, the blocks laid out - except for that box behind him, and one more box containing very large blocks. Yeah, that's only half.

Eventually, we had to start playing. Our first castle, just before Iain started whacking:

And the triumphant whacker, showing his war face:

We moved the blocks into a tub in Iain's room. The biggest pieces fit under his changing table (please, God: potty training). But check out the volume!

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