Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Take the Monkey To the Zoo, Part 8000

Sometimes, you just have to accept your fate. In this case: no naps. Ever.

Ok, fine. Fine. We can cope. Yesterday, for instance, we took Iain to the zoo right after lunch. And it was a surprisingly good day there. The rhinos stayed inside (too cold!), but the elephants came out to play, and the bird/reptile house was warm and toasty. So birds aplenty ruffled their feathers for Iain.

Mr. Turtle looks kinda stuck in that rock. We watched him try to get out (verrrry slowwwllly), without success.

Best of all were the giraffes. They have 2 yards to play in, but when it's cold the zoo closes the (super tall) giraffe doors (see behind her) and the biggies stay inside. You can hang out on the first floor, looking at their knees, or you can climb the stairs and check them out from a more reasonable vantage point.

See that thing behind her head? It's a Christmas tree. They're all over the zoo. Elephants played with them, they provided insulation in the tiger enclosure (built up around the sheltered areas), and they swung overhead for giraffes to nibble.

"Actually, Dad. Actually." Iain was very talkative. Also: note the hat. He didn't want to wear it, but Charles said "It's like when you go outside to play at school, Iain. You have to wear a warm hat." Magic.

We left one thing behind yesterday. What's that? Here's a hint: it has 3 wheels but only 2 letters are used in its name. [psst: BOB] [psst! That's the stroller! Iain walked the whole way!] [psst!: Mom and Dad are pretty excited!!]

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