Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time, It Do Fly

"Mommmmyyy! I ppooooooooped!"

Iain refuses to nap at school. Every day his report card comes back with "No Nap" circled. Ouch.

Yesterday he fell asleep in the car, napped until almost 8pm, then threw a wild party until 11:30 (!!!!!). This is, as they say in customer service, not acceptable.

At some point last night, he was standing at the baby gate, calling out "Mooooommmmmy! I pooped!" I said, "Did you really poop?" Because he fibs.

He popped back: "Of Course!"

Had he pooped? What do you think?


So today I spent the ride home singing loudly, asking annoying questions and demanding that he "sit up!" And it worked. We're fed, bathed, jammied, and watching Super Why at 7:02. My successes may be small, but I'm proud.

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