Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Fun With Lunch

I was totally inspired by this lunch. So I'm going to use the recipe she gives for spicy ground pork atop tofu packets with rice (inarizushi), and also make this recipe for Japanese scrambled eggs.

Shopping list for our (fabulous) Asian market on 9th:
Oyster sauce
Inari (fried tofu packets, apparently you can get them frozen, so that's a bonus)
Ground pork
Onigiri seasoning (who knew? I was making stuff up with my pantry! Anyway, I might also get some things to stuff inside them, like pickled Japanese plums. Because: yum!)

[EDIT: I made the scrambled eggs, and while they're tasty the color is off. They should be nice and yellow but instead are a little brown. I think this is because the ratio of mirin to soy is 1:2 when it should be the reverse (ie, more mirin less soy). The good news is that 2 eggs made just enough for my four little inari packets. So tomorrow I'll try again.

Also, I had a field day at the grocery. Red bean paste steamed buns, pot stickers, tempura mix, panko, nori, and many other yummy things. I love that place.]