Friday, January 07, 2011

It Sleeps

No nap.

I think Iain might be growing out of his naps. We knew this was coming, but that's not the same as being "prepared."

No nap means not just that he is tired, but that the drive home will be an exercise in keeping him awake, that dinnertime is likely to be a battle, and that he'll be increasingly unstable as it gets nearer to bedtime.

Or, like tonight, he may throw a nuclear fit just inside the door, howl for 25 minutes, then fall asleep on my lap. He's curled up on Charles's pillow, snoozing away, as I write. Later he'll wake, eat, and demand entertainment.

It would be nice if there was some kind of compensation. Like, for example, if he gave up naps and diapers at the same time. But no. No. He's only just started to try out the potty at school (not exactly voluntarily), and we've had no luck yet at home. So it's diapers plus cranky toddler all weekend.

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