Saturday, January 08, 2011


Image from here.

Iain received a box of bento-making tools in the mail Thursday.

Technically, I suppose the box was for me since I make the lunches. But really, sandwiches shaped like the Titanic, and flower-shaped bits of cheese or carrot are all about the Little Man.

Part of the gift was a pair of onigiri kits. Onigiri are Japanese rice balls. They are often partially wrapped in nori (the dry seaweed that comes on sushi) and contain a little surprise in the middle. You might pop a little meatball in there, or a bit of pickled plum. So it's a delicious little snack, and perfect for a lunchbox. The kits are like molds that press the onigiri into heart or triangle shapes.

Iain is very interested in the molds, so I'm planning a trip to our Asian market to pick up some Japanese rice. I found this guide and now I'm ready to go.