Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I Did Last Weekend

Friday, Iain chose not to nap. No nap. Nooooooooo nap. Charles was in LA, so it was just The Mom and Iain.

Of course (of course!) he was tired on the drive home. I wanted to go to the store and get a bowl of soup "to feel me better." So I drove there, and he threw an epic fit at the door, refusing to shop. Fine. I took a page from mothers of yore and told him that tantrums aren't ok - we were headed home.

I drove home. As we pulled into the garage, he shifted his fit and began to demand to *go* to the store. You up to speed? Need to confirm? Fit = no store! Fit2 = go to store!

I thought: you are nuts. And so inside we went. The fit continued for almost 45 minutes, after which Iain fell into a deep sleep. It was about 5:20.

He slept until 10pm. Yes, 10pm. And I was sick. And he'd had no dinner. And he was wearing jeans and the same diaper he'd donned at school. AND HE WAS IN MY BED. In other words, I was not comfortable just letting him sleep all night.

What to do? First, a boring bowl of noodles for The Mom. Second, something to pass the time. Can't watch TV because HE'S IN MY BED! And I don't want to go downstairs in case he wakes. That leaves computer, book, or...that puzzle I bought over break!

One of my students gave me a little gift card to Barnes and Noble. I could have used it for a book. Ridiculous. So predictable. Instead, I snatched up a 1000-piece puzzle. Of a cathedral. What was I thinking?

Anyway, this is how I spent the weekend. I edited out the pile of yucky tissues. You don't need that in your life.

Iain was impressed with my puzzle skills. Maybe someday he'll enjoy doing puzzles with me, and then we can have a shared hobby for those weekends when The Dad has to travel.

Oh, and Friday? He woke at 10, ate, and stayed up until 1:30am. I got to bed at 2:30 or so. That's why I was so tired Saturday morning. But it's Tuesday! We got 3 inches of snow, my throat is clear, and things are looking fine.

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