Monday, June 07, 2010

2 Things

1. Just now, I texted my new bestie, Ernie. I texted "We're going to the pool." My phone fills in the words based on words you text often and what it thinks you might be trying to say. For "pool" it first suggested "pookie" then "Poo." Nice.

2. So we go to dinner. And we're having a great time talking about Oona O'Neil and Carole Matthau, and whatnot with a guy from the Bronx. Awesome. And then his roommate comes to sit with us. Name? Jamie. Profession? Teacher. Where? NCSSM. That would be the North Carolina School for Science and Math. I went to the SC version of that school, I say. "Me, too" he says. OMFG.

Charles and I both went to GSSM. It's a tiny school, with about 55 people in each graduating class. And it's a very specialized, geeky sort of place. So I've never, ever, everever run into another alum. And here's this fella: a history major, a history teacher, a fellow govie. Wow. AND ADORABLE! We had a great chat about various peeps (like the history teacher who inspired tons of govies to major or minor in history, no matter their science talents and obsessions), we traded cards, we bonded.

Aww. And tomorrow's the last day of grading! I'm getting a little ecstatic about that. Today I read an essay that explained about the Purtain's "abstinence farming." I think s/he meant "subsistence."


Miriam said...

Um. what? New bestie? Have I been kicked to the curb and didn't get the blog entry notifying me of that? *sniff, sniff*

Fiona said...

No worries! You're the Best of the Besties, the BFF (see the time frame on that?).

Crazy here, but tomorrow I'll be home. Sorry about the one missing tile.

Miriam said...

Tile no longer missing and time frame acknowledged. That's a good thing, as I have plans for you during that time frame.