Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Love

How did I miss this? Freddie shares her birthday with Charles. So when Charles was opening his presents (not trucks), Freddie was enjoying buckwheat pancakes (in her skivvies!) and discovering the joy of burnt sugar ice cream (above). Let's just take a moment to think about that: burnt sugar ice cream. Wow.

Graham joined in the celebration. I love his hipster glasses and the chill pose:

Malcolm, however, seems to disapprove a bit. He's not yet had his birthday, so perhaps that's the problem. All the attention, recently focused on Himself, shifted for a day to Freddie. That can't go over well when you're almost-three-months.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Freddie. I hope you had a nice day and Iain wishes for you to get at least one truck.

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