Monday, June 14, 2010


I love the fact that when you buy a new house you get a new garden. You never know what's in it, especially (as in our case) when the last owners weren't gardeners. This rose, for instance, is a leftover from 2 owners ago. Ignored by the side of the porch, unpruned (grr!), it produced this beautiful flower today. Yay!

Iain didn't give a hoot. He's too focused on camp. Camp! This morning I took him over there (awesome lunch in tow: 2 strawberries, a juice box, a plastic spoon, two mini-pitas, a Babybel cheese, a handful of cherry tomatoes, banana chips, a very small yogurt cup, and half a banana) and when he saw the playroom he let go of my hand, ran over to the toys, and never even looked back at me.

Also, for those obsessed with the lunchboxes: The company is called Vandor, and you can go to their website and look at "Tin" items, then "Totes" to find the ones I bought. The small tote is Iain's lunchbox, and the mini tote is his extra special container. The link above is to the small tote page. In Louisville, they are sold at Regalo, while in LA you can get them at Giftapolis on Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach (and about a million other places). Happy Shopping!

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Miriam said...

And you ordered MORE delicious roses! Your garden will be beautious!