Friday, June 11, 2010


On the right, the lunchbox I got Iain 2 weeks ago. It's small, it's Dr. Seuss, and it has an easy clasp for him to open.

BUT WAIT. What's that cute li'l thing next door? Could it be?

Yes. Yes, it is a tiny lunchbox to go inside Iain's regular lunchbox. Charles saw it yesterday and the rest is history ("Sweet!"). See how tiny it is? With a little hinged lid and a little handle? OMG.

I packed it with Club crackers, craisins, and cheddar bunnies. So it's a multi-functional, eye-poppingly cute, environmentally-friendly addition to Iain's Camp Bag of Doom (I cannot tell you all the stuff he has to take to camp. Thank goodness 899 sent him an LL Bean tote this year.)

In other news, I still have photos from the zoo. No, really. Here's Iain playing on the swinging bridge:

And here is a penguin. I've just brightened your whole day, admit it.


BaysYates said...

Where did you get the lunchbox?? I must have it!!! :) Lucas needs it for Kindergarten!! :)

Fiona said...

Erin, I got it at a local store and I think it's a local SLC company that sells it. (made in China, though). I can get you one of each and send them, if you want. FB me.

Miriam said...

OMG-- penguin!