Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Check it out! The Moose has his own bed, and it's not a cage anymore. It's a Big Boy Bed (BBB) complete with Mommy's 33 year old pillow from Kampus Kiddies, her beloved kindergarten. Iain refuses to let silly things like pillows and blankets sully his pristine new BBB, but this morning we found him asleep with his IKEA crane and flatbed set (visible in the lower right cubby of his bookshelf above). So you can sleep with stuff, but only if it's wooden and contains magnets.

Below, the same child, playing Bucket Boy in a fabric box from IKEA. Was he driving? Hiding? Playing Peek-A-Boo? I don't know because these photos were taken while I was upstairs. Charles said, "There are some surprises on your camera..." and there they were. Cheeky little monkey, ain't he?

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Grandmother said...

He is such a beautiful child! I enjoy your pictures so much as well as following your Utah progress. Lots of love to all of you!