Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Library: A Hit

Even with the screaming hot sun, the 90 degree temps, and Iain's post-nap grumps, the wall fountain proved appealing.

He wasn't that interested in the crystal cave, but Grandma's Attic was so "awesome!" he kept coming back and back and back.

There's stuff to climb on, see?

And stuffed animals and books and you can hide in the corners.

We got about 20 books, walked all the way around the SL Arts festival (which I attended Friday night), got back in our car at our outstanding parking spot (good job, Dad), and headed for home with our loot.

Then it was ribs, asparagus, and The Tickle Truck. In fact, the Tickle Truck is still circling the house, stopping periodically to grab Iain and make him squeal.

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Heather said...

You live in the coolest places. I am only a little bit jealous.