Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Stroll(ering)

Above, City Creek. Right in the middle of town, down the hill from the state capitol, a sweet, lovely, rushing, gushing, burbling brook runs down towards Temple Square. Along its sides run fire roads, biking paths, hiking trails and picnic spots.

Since Sunday was beautiful, warm, and unscheduled, we packed Iain into the car and set out for a wee stroll.

As you can see, the creek can be pretty wild. There are a lot of places to cross, and my sense is that you can get as adventurous as you like. We're restricted on that front because we can't take the stroller everywhere. Still, we can get a nice walk (uphill! Grr!) and enjoy the birdsong and breeze.

But who is that on the left? Could it be the elusive Dr. C? Why yes! His Tenure-ness joined us because he was flying out that afternoon for his fellowship in Munich. If you were about to spend six months eating beer and sausage, you'd want a walk first, too.

Here are the boys, awash in Utah sunshine, ready for their adventure. In the end, we walked for about 2 hours, then enjoyed a thoroughly sinful lunch of bacon, eggs, and hot, crispy waffles. Oh, and fruit. But that's healthy, so let's not talk about it.


Lawrence said...

I can already tell that Herr Professor Doktor C is gonna have to do some serious walking und wandern (hiking) to keep from turning into der Graff Zepplin while eating of the beer und brots im der München. Oy! Save me LaCari!!!

Ernie said...

Gee that looks nice. I don't see any other people there. Do you pay to block others from using the area when you're there or is the key to go on Sunday when the (Latter Day) Saints are marching into some other place?