Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kiss Noise!

This is a thank-you note to my roomie for the last week. Heather#2, aka Annapolis Heather.

One of my major anxieties about the reading in Louisville was that my poor, benighted roommate would have to put up with my snoring, sleep talking, tendency to go on and on (and on and on and on), ridiculously extreme opinions pronounced as The Last Word, and shameless habit of eating the last chocolate.

But lucky me.

I got Heather, who seemed impervious to my many faults. And who looks like a kewpie doll but talks like a sailor (sometimes) (when it's appropriate) (they deserved it!).

Here's to you, Heather. You were a great roommate. I hope you got to sleep in this morning. No, I'm not bitter about getting up at 4am. Not bitter at all.

It's over now. I'm home safe, I kissed Iain, we watched a front-end-loader pick up some garbage on the street and we pinched off the spent violets. Iain ate (of course), and I drank water and Charles is catching up on work. It's nice to be back.

*Title is a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie. Heather and I agreed on many things. Among our points of connection was the knowledge that the movie is great fun, though perhaps not superior to the TV show. In the movie, Buffy's self-involved mother seems totally unaware of the vampire menace, and goes off to be shallow. Rather than kiss her daughter goodbye, she merely says, "Kiss noise!" I find this amusing.

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