Monday, June 14, 2010


They have turkeys at the zoo. Mmm...turkey tastes good.

Tonight, Iain and I took Boris for a walk. Here's what we saw:

1. We're walking along and I realize that maybe I didn't remember to bring a poop bag. Frankly, Boris rarely poops on walks. But he's 117 lbs. of love. That means that if tonight's the night, we're going to be in trouble with the neighbors.

At the next corner, two ladies stood with their dog. It wasn't a bus stop, so I was a little confused about why they were just hanging out. But maybe they would have an extra poop bag! So I walked toward them.

"Do you have a grocery bag?" Oh. "I was going to ask you the same thing. But maybe there's one in the stroller." I checked, and miracle of miracles there was, indeed, a single Target bag in there. I handed it over. "I called my husband and he'll be here any minute, then we can give you one back." I wasn't worried about it (live on the edge!), but here he came, up the street.

Riding a tricycle. Yes. A three-wheeled bike. With an American flag streaming behind him. And he was 80 or I'm the Duchess of Cornwall. So he made a U-ey (!! Is that legal?), said, "You're a beautiful girl" and handed me a plastic baggie. He was wearing a US Army Retired baseball cap. He had a chin curtain. It was awesome.

2. We're walking back home and we're encountering a lot of kids. Tons and tons of kids. It's true what Lawrence says about Utah. There are a lot of kids here.

Anyway, most of them were tame, but we saw two who the FBI should really keep an eye on. They were probably brother and sister, about 8 and 10 or so. They'd strapped together two skateboards, then tied on a tire using string. Brother was sitting in the tire, preparing to launch himself down the (steep) driveway. For fun, you know? Sister was helping/preparing to watch her brother self-destruct.

We live in Mayberry, y'all.


Bart said...

Was the old boy's name Zacharias? Amon? Zebidiah? No, wait, I'm keen to guess...

Heather said...

You picked the best place to live. If you were in my 'hood and some ladies were standing on the corner with their dog(s) chances are excellent that they:
1. Are letting the dog(s) make a poo in our yard. We are the corner.
2. Don't have or wouldn't ask for a poo bag.
3. Certainly wouldn't pay me back if I gave them one.