Thursday, August 05, 2010


So we bought a family membership to the SLC zoo, right? And on our first visit we bought two tickets to ride the train. train. They shut the train down that day.

No problem. We kept the tickets and figured we'd use them next time. But next time, the train was shut down. Again. And the third visit? No train.

Colorado to the rescue. The train's a little different - it runs on a little track inside a fenced area rather than tracking through animal areas (as the train does in SLC), and only kids can ride. But check out Iain! Riding alone with his big old hat, like a very big boy.

On the first ride, two kids ran in front of Iain and they sat in the engineer's car. But on his second ride, Iain rode alone, in the engineer's seat.

Thanks, Colorado. You saved the day. More pics tomorrow, showing Iain enjoying the carousel (it was fast!) and checking out the moose and porcupine with Nana.

Today I finished my seminar. Despite the stress of driving in Denver traffic (yikes!) it was a valuable experience. Now I just have to go home and figure out how to use all this new information.

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