Monday, August 30, 2010


Whew! What a day. Meetings, meetings, and then more meetings.

First, I had a little flashback. Remember this? On the first day of my fellowship at the Rothermere American Institute, Charles and I fairly swam into town.

We arrived soaked - SOAKED. Wet to the thigh, and dripping like a dog. The receptionist swept me up and down with a vague/disapproving look (experience would prove that she looked vague a lot) and suggested I might like to "clean up" and "dry off" before she took me into the library. Uh, yeah. Sorry.

Today was a little like that. I met KP so we could walk/gossip to work, but the moment we met on the corner of 17th and 9th, the skies opened. She had a rain jacket and I had an umbrella so we both got wet. And - AGAIN - I arrived for a Monday of work dripping from my knees and elbows (wet sweater...ewwww...)

But from there things looked up. My day was:
  • Meeting, 9-12
  • Meeting, 12-1
  • Meeting, 1:30-2
  • Meeting, 2:30-3:30
  • Picnic! 5-7
That might not look so good to you, but let me say this: every meeting went as planned. No meeting ran over. At no meeting was a PowerPoint slide read aloud. At two of those meetings delicious niblets appeared for my delectation (and coffee!). So, really, it was a good day.

And tomorrow promises even better. No meetings, good weather (70! Sunny! I love it here!), and a steady tick tock tick tock to Wednesday morning's Convocation.

My photocopies are photocopied. My chairs are arranged. My dry-erase pens are lined up and my desk is a mess.

I'm ready!

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