Sunday, August 15, 2010

Red Butte Gardens, Part 1

This morning we joined KP for a wee walk at Red Butte Gardens. It was so amazing that we had to join up before we left. So stay tuned for more photos, especially of the garden for children.

Above, Iain and The Mom taking a short break near the top of the trail. Red Butte has gardens like any such place (think, the Huntington in San Marino), but it also has a little butte you can climb. So there are about 4 miles of easy trails winding up through the brush. The only iffy part was the way KP and I kept jumping anytime we heard a rustle. Rattlesnakes!

That's the view from the top of the trail. No, really. Too bad it's soooo ugly here, no?

And here are Iain and The Dad, preparing for the downhill portion of the walk. We spent maybe an hour and a half hiking, then descended into fantasyland. More on that, later.

Our weekend has been busybusybusy. Yesterday we spent the morning at IKEA, where we acquired many useful things. Not least (and the excuse for going) was a set of cheap-o wine glasses. KP started a wine club, see? And I'm hosting next time, see? And last time, certain ladies got kind of wild and threw bottles and broke glasses. So we're prepared, now. We have glasses that can be broken without harm to anyone's heart.

I also finally replaced my tart pan. Yay! I can be all tarty again.

In the evening, we passed 2 pleasurable hours walking to the park, pushing Iain on the swing ("Higher! Higher!! HIGHER!!!"), then walking down through the neighborhood. As always, we solved the problems of the world while we walked. Specifically? Oh, we decided to design and landscape the backyard ourselves. What? You don't consider that a pressing global issue? I assure you, it is.

Today, it was Red Butte, then lunch at the Dodo (I lurv you, Dodo!), then nap, and lots of gardening for me. Whew! I need a break, and a cocktail, and maybe a romantic comedy.


Lawrence said...

Red Butte is indeed a nice place! The outdoor concerts they do in summer are fun too, not least because you can bring your own food and vino or cerveza. It's good to see that you three are somehow surviving despite the horrific lack of scenery or outdoor activities in the Utah.

Fiona said...

Did you mean to write: "...surviving, despite the horrific lack of [Lawrence]"?????

Because yes, were surviving.'s not quite the same. How dare you be tenured and on sabbatical, sir? How DARE you?

Lawrence said...

Hee hee hee . . . it's true -- my timing was a bit off. I finally managed to lure you all to Utah, but only just before I pulled the emergency sabbatical ripcord and parachuted off to Bavaria. But, to quote the Gubernator, "I'll be back."