Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rock Climbing, Lesson One

Does this look like fun? Apparently, in Colorado they start their kids early on rock climbing. This was a play spot in the park. Iain was all, "Whatcha doin', Dad?"

So Charles offered a free lesson. First, you climb up on the rock, see...

Yes, with your feet, son.

Then you pull with your hands and climb with your toes and make your way to the top, where...

Granddad awaits! Three generations of Charles's family, all in one spot:

In other news, today Iain awoke from his nap by flinging out his arms and saying: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! AND MONSTERS! AND ALLIGATORS!" The first two bits are from Sesame Street, but the last is pure Iain.

He's also taken to mimicking any minor thing we say often. So, for instance, "How about some lunch? Oh, OF COURSE!" Then he'll repeat "Of course!" about five times.

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thomas said...

that is awesome, he will be bouldering before you know it!! it is good to start them early!