Monday, August 02, 2010

Hey Toonnnnyyyy...Here, TonyTony

Look what Nana and Grandad unearthed from storage. This tent was originally an accessory for a VW bus. It connects to the open side of the bus, and you can camp without worrying about the weather.
Inside things are a bit redolent of 25 years of storage. But the thing is in perfect condition. Iain likes to go inside and open all the zip windows.

He brought some trucks, obvy.

What do you think, Tony? You need this?


Jania said...

That is very cool. And comes with a Dad!

bugboys69 said...

Bart reckons I could sell it for you. I think it looks like Iain is having way to much fun in it for that. You just need the camper van now.

I can be hired as a consultant, at mates rates of course, if your interested ;¬)

Camping.. Joy joy happy joy!
Love you xx

Baby D said...

Plain tents are awesome. But old VW Vanigan tents are even more insanely awesome!!!!!

Alexandra said...

that is soooooooooooo cool!