Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Butte Gardens, Part 3

Lest you get the impression that Red Butte is nothing but a garden for children, check out the meditation/duck/fish/pond-y garden. When you walk up, there's an enormous fish sculpture to point the way (visible above if you blow up the shot and look between Charles and KP).

The pond behind the screen of trees contains ducks (very forward ducks) and a posse of attitudinal koi. Iain was fascinated, of course, especially because something as simple as a duck launching off the dock, flying 5 feet, then settling onto the water seems magical when you've never seen anything like that before.

If one is feeling tired, or meditative, or a bit of sunstroke, the Japanese-style pavilion and benches await. Though this is intended for anyone, it had an appreciative audience of children, probably drawn to the quiet, the shade, and the sound of splashing and quacking.

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