Wednesday, August 04, 2010

More Vintage Toys

Another set of toys from The Dad's childhood. These are trucks and bulldozers, a road grader, and a truck that fits onto a car carrier.

See how you drive the truck up onto the bed?

Then you close the back and off you go! Iain likes to put his little metal truck on top of the car carrier, though, which results in a tragic accident every time. And then he cackles.

Today's professional development highlight? Playing with Play-Do. I am not making that up. After we made historical concept sculptures from the dough (mine was "federalism" so I made the thirteen colonies, then connected them - loosely, of course - with Play-Do string. They were a federation, in other words.), we divided it among those attendees with small children. Result: Iain has a ton of new Play-Do to enjoy.

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bugboys69 said...

I can teach Iain the correct tie down procedures if you like. This is my area of expertise after all.

Very nice toys.